Freeze Your Guitar Chord with AFRZ Pedal, Here is The Schematic Diagram of The Circuit!

Figure 1. Audio Freezer Pedal Circuit Diagram (Using AFRZ Module)

To capture your guitar chord or notes and freeze it infinitely, you’ll probably need a freeze pedal (like EHX’s freeze pedal for example) that capture the snapshot of the audio spectrum to resynthesize the continuous audio waveform representing the captured sound. Fortunately, now you can build yourself a freezer pedal that has all that functions using a small DT-AFRZ module.

DT-AFRZ Module

DT-AFRZ is a processing module for audio sample freezer (infinite sustainer) designed for guitar effect pedal application. It has select-able momentary and latch operation, automatic transient avoidance, adjustable trigger delay, and continuous fade-out speed control features.

In momentary mode, pressing and holding down the foot switch will trigger the sampling and freezing of the incoming sound, and releasing the switch will fade out the the frozen sound. In the latch mode, a brief press or a tap will sample and freeze the incoming sound, and a long press (held pressed more than 0.5 seconds) will fade out the previously frozen sound.

When the capture operation gesture is detected on the foot switch, the actual sampling process is delayed by an adjustable amount of delay period. After this period elapses, the sampling process will be executed immediately if the auto-transient avoidance is off. In other case, when the auto-transient avoidance is on, the sampling process will still be delayed until there’s no detected transient or until 250 ms period has elapsed, whichever comes first.

AFRZ Pedal Schematic Diagram, Bill of Materials, and Build Documents

The schematic diagram of the circuit is shown at Figure 1, and you can get the complete build document in the AFRZ module user manual. The user manual contains the schematic diagram, bill of materials, PCB layout, enclosure drill template, and the wiring diagram.


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