Converting 5V 7805 Linear Voltage Regulator to Produce 6.4V Output

Making a linear voltage regulator using 78XX integrated circuit series is very easy, it needs only one or two additional components to make the integrated circuit chip works. The problem arises when we need a custom voltage specs for the output, since they come in discrete fixed voltage variation (specified by XX parameter printed in the body of the IC […]

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High Side Current Sensing Using Transistor for Current Limiting Control

High Side Current Sensing Circuit Diagram

Introduction to Current Sensing Current sensing is sometimes needed in a circuit to measure the amount of electric current flow. In signal communication for example, current sensing circuit is needed to read the measurement of remote sensor via current loop.  Other common application is in the power supply circuit, when we need to limit the maximum current drawn by the […]

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Adjustable 1-30V Laboratory Power Supply Uses Switching and Digital Control Technology

Figure 1. Assembled Hamuro Programmable 1-30V Laboratory Power Supply Laboratory Power Supply Requirement Power supply for electronic circuit experiments need some special features. Ideally we need a precise, stable, reliable, and easy voltage adjustment power supply for working convenience. Being precise means that our power supply should give a voltage as close as possible to the desired value. A stable […]

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