CD4093 Switch-Mode Current Limiter for LED Driver

A LED driver provides power regulation so the working voltage and current applied to a LED is kept stable while maintaining high efficiency in various supply voltage condition. Using a Schmidt-trigger NAND gate, we can design a LED driver with switching technology. Switching technology is developed to minimize power loss power control. The idea of this technique is by fully […]

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Electronic Relay Circuit Breaker Protects Boost Converter from Short Circuit and Overload

Boost Converter and Its Unprotected Nature Boost converter topology, where an inductor is alternately shorted to ground by a switching transistor in some portion of the cycle and connected in series with the load in other portion of the cycle, is inherently unprotected from load failures such as short circuit and overload (look at the figure 1 of  the reference […]

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High Side Current Sensing Using Transistor for Current Limiting Control

High Side Current Sensing Circuit Diagram

Introduction to Current Sensing Current sensing is sometimes needed in a circuit to measure the amount of electric current flow. In signal communication for example, current sensing circuit is needed to read the measurement of remote sensor via current loop.  Other common application is in the power supply circuit, when we need to limit the maximum current drawn by the […]

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