Small Audio Power Amplifier Using Op-Amp and Two Transistors

Sometimes we need small power amplifier circuit while we have unused op-amp section in one of our applied chip. Instead of adding more IC (such as LM386 or similar devices), adding  two small transistor and several passive components can be cheaper solution if we can employ the unused op-amp section. Using two small transistors (2N3904 and 2N3906), we can build […]

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Small Audio Power Amplifier Using 3 Transistors

Amplifier Circuit

For some simple applications such as toys, intercom, or small gadgets, there is sometimes a need for small, simple, low cost, or low voltage solution of power amplifier circuit. For this requirement, high fidelity is rarely needed. A modification of amplifier circuit from Bowden’s circuit collection is presented in our article, completed with the guidance on how to modify for […]

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