Step-Up DC-DC Converter Circuit for Laptop Charger/Adapter, Convert 12V(9-14) to 19V(16-21V)

Step-Up Converter 12 to 19V for Laptop This DC-to-DC converter circuit enables automotive lead-acid battery to power your laptops/notebooks, converting 12VDC to 19VDC with good efficiency since it uses switching technology. I designed this circuit to make power backup for small home office  to provide eight hours backup for three notebooks.  The input voltage range is 9V to 15V, which […]

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High Side Current Sensing Using Transistor for Current Limiting Control

High Side Current Sensing Circuit Diagram

Introduction to Current Sensing Current sensing is sometimes needed in a circuit to measure the amount of electric current flow. In signal communication for example, current sensing circuit is needed to read the measurement of remote sensor via current loop.  Other common application is in the power supply circuit, when we need to limit the maximum current drawn by the […]

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