HM936D-AM8 Digital Soldering Station Controller Chip

Product Description

HMC936D-AM8 is a controller chip for HM-936D digital soldering station controller board. The controller is implemented using ATMEGA8 microcontroller, programmed with lock protection to disable the chip for being read or modified. It runs on 8MHz  internal factory calibrated RC clock, so there is no need to provide XTAL and its related capacitors. The operational menu, custom sensor calibration initialization, and control parameter can be customized for general controller supporting many heater cartridges with various sensor types, as well as  for special controller (of your own brand) to work specifically with your supplied cartridge only.

WARNING!!! Avoid using ICSP port when using this controller chip since the chip might be accidentally erased, and the function of this chip could’t be restored after erasure. Use only the serial port (RX/TX) for configuring this controller.

End Product Features

  • Convenient user interface in both Celsius and Fahrenheit modes
  • Control range 100 ºC – 450 ºC control range (in Celsius mode) or 215 ºF – 840 ºF (Fahrenheit mode)
  • Setpoint  control resolution 1 ºC (Celsius mode) or 5 ºF (Fahrenheit mode)
  • Supports heater cartridges with different sensor types (RTD , thermocouple, or even unknown sensor type)
  • Easy calibration procedure

Development/Mass-Production Features

  • Configurable for both common anode or common cathode type of seven segment display, getting more options for the better price and availability.
  • Configurable seven segment remapping for the display, this allows flexible PCB design with various seven segment display pin configuration from various vendors.
  • Configurable default setting (the first time when the product is delivered to the customer) for Celsius/Fahrenheit mode, easier for targeting different customer preferences around the world.
  • Configurable number of supported sensor types and its calibration initialization parameters, so you can set the system to work with all sensor types (RTD, thermocouple, or general/unknown type), or you can configure it to work with only specific type of your supplied heater cartridge.
  • Configurable control parameters (proportional, integral, and differential gain), so you can tune up the system to get the best performance for the configured sensor types.

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Unit Price

  • US $3.0

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