DSCPU-BME1 Bluestomp ME-1 Digital Multi-Effect Deepstomp Core


  • Bluestomp ME-1 is a programmable (reprogrammable) Deepstomp CPU board with embedded multi-effect application, protected with license code, encryption, authentication, authorization, and digital signature.

Features (Current Version 1.0)

  • Included with Deepstomp’s Standard Effects (V1.5):
    • Chromatic guitar tuner
    • Integrated noise gate expander and compressor module
  • Included Advanced Effects:
    • Distortion (with overdrive, fuzz, and fold-back modes, without tone control)
    • Tremolo modulator (with square, triangle, and sine modulation waveforms)
    • Integrated delay and reverb module (reverb mode: spring reverb, delay mode: 20-190 ms echo delay)
    • Output volume balancer

General Specification

  • CPU core: blue-pill compatible ARM Cortex M3 STM32F103xx 72MHz 20kB RAM 64KB flash
  • Open source: NO (the embedded firmware binary is programmed with licensed code, and provided as is, without any warranty).
  • Reprogrammable: YES (the user must keep the copy of the licensed firmware binary before programming the Bluestomp ME-1 board with other binary to revert back the firmware)