Simple Running LED / LED Chaser Circuit Using 3 Transistors

Running LED CIrcuit Diagram

Running/Chasing LED Circuits on The Web Running LED circuit, or sometimes called LED Chaser circuit, has very popular implementation using 4017 integrated circuit (IC). Almost all electronic websites has the circuit in their list of schematic diagram collection, you can check this dancing light circuit for example. The circuit based on that IC, is very flexible since its speed can […]

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Classic Flip-Flop Lamps Circuit and How It Works

Flip-Flop Circuit Diagram

Introduction When I learned about electronics in the past, trying to understand how circuit works by reading theories and practicing by building the circuit, the first one excited me was the  flip-flop lamp circuit. The invention of this circuit might be rooted back to 1918, when William Eccles and F. W. Jordan build the first flip-flop circuit using vacuum  tube, […]

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Flasher Circuit with DPDT Relay Works for Any-Wattage Load

Simple DPDT Relay Flasher Circuit

Introduction Classic series relay flasher circuit usually need minimum wattage for the connected load to work. Beyond the specified minimum wattage, then the flasher will not work or become unstable. Here I designed a simple solution using DPDT relay, that works for loads with any wattage. The Circuit and How It Works The circuit need one DPDT relay, two resistors […]

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Simplest Relay Flasher Circuit with Better Stability

A flasher circuit with only three components (relay, capacitor, and resistor) is very popular design, which is advertised as the simplest design for relay flasher. I don’t know who is the designer of this circuit but the schematic diagram is spread on many websites. Here is one example, using 12V relay, 220Ω, and 2200uF capacitor for building 12V flasher circuit. […]

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Lamp Flasher Circuit Using Two Relays

Lamp Flasher Circuit Lamp flasher circuit is an electronic device that control a lamp to flash in periodic manner. Lamp flasher can be designed using semiconductor or other active components. Here we use two relays as the active components, plus some other passive components. Relay can be considered as an active component since it receives small power input to control […]

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