Adjustable 1-30V Laboratory Power Supply Uses Switching and Digital Control Technology

Figure 1. Assembled Hamuro Programmable 1-30V Laboratory Power Supply Laboratory Power Supply Requirement Power supply for electronic circuit experiments need some special features. Ideally we need a precise, stable, reliable, and easy voltage adjustment power supply for working convenience. Being precise means that our power supply should give a voltage as close as possible to the desired value. A stable […]

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Variable Dummy Load for Power Supply Testing

Figure 1. Assembled Variable Dummy Load To test real capacity of a power supply, we need a load with variable current consumption. If we have high power variable resistor such as tapped wire-wound resistor, we can directly connect this resistor and make some measurement. Unfortunately, this kind of high power resistor is expensive and not so flexible getting wide adjustment […]

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Direct Reading Inductance Meter Employs Triangle Wave Generator

Figure 1.  Assembled Hamuro Inductance Meter Circuit Inductance and The Measurement Unit Inductance is a property of electric conductor, and it expresses the characteristic of generating electromotive force or voltage when the amount electric current changes inside it. It looks like a concept of inertia of mass in the mechanical domain when it generate force if the speed of its […]

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