II.3.7. Controlling The Analog Bypass

Figure 15. Analog Bypass Modes

Blackstomp library provide two methods that control the analog path switching inside the audio codec: analogBypass() and analogSoftBypass().

  • Use analogBypass(true) to bypass the effect processor so the input will be routed to the mixer output. The ADC input will be disconnected from the input and the DAC output will be disconnected from the output mixer. The analog path is this bypassed mode is shown in the Figure 15-A.
  • Use analogSoftBypass(true) to get all the same condition with analogBypass(true) except that the DAC output is not disconnected from the output mixer, as shown in the Figure 15-B. With this way, we can preserve the residual effect such as reverb or delay trails although the new incoming signal will be 100% dry.
  • To un-bypass or get the effect back to active gain, use the same analogBypass or analogSoftBypass function but with the parameter set to false.
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