BSDEV-PDL Blackstomp Dev-Mode Pedal


Assembly service for Blackstomp development-mode pedal, Deliverables: assembled Blackstomp pedal preloaded with taptempo ping-pong delay effect.

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Blackstomp development-mode pedal is available as assembly service upon order. To check how many pedal assembly works are available, just check the shipping availability option for specific shipping time and the available unit will be shown.



  • Assembled Blackstomp pedal (BSDEV-PDL), preloaded with taptempo stereo (ping-pong) delay effect.


Pedal Specs

  • Enclosure: aluminum 125B, spray-paint coated, UV-printing labels
  • L/R inputs-outputs: 4 x 6.3 mm TS
  • Balanced microphone input: 3.5 mm TRS
  • Expression pedal /CV/Extension input: 6.3 mm TRS
  • MIDI input-output: 2 x 3.5 mm TRS
  • DC 9V input: 2.1 mm DC socket (negative at center)
  • Serial (TTL) communication: 3.5 mm TRS
  • I2C (OLED display) port: 3.5 mm TRS
  • 3.3 DC out: 3.5 mm TRS
  • Encoder input: 3.5 mm TRS
  • Power supply/AC-DC Adapter: NOT INCLUDED!



Additional information

Weight 495 g
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6.5 cm

Ship immediately, Ship within a week, Ship within a month

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